How to find us

If you want to find the way to us, you can either use the Google Maps service, Map24 or the route planner of your choice. The address of the apartments can be found under contact.

Shuttle Service - Airport and Railway station

© by Rama
© by Rama

You need a shuttle service to and from Zurich airport or train station? Talk to us, we'll take care of everything. Whether taxi or personal car service, we settle for you. You should just enjoy your holiday!

Handover and Chinese food at home

You want to feel like Chinese food but after a busy day you don't want to leave out the door? No problem, Ms. Zhang is here for you. Ms. Zhang is also responsible to you when you arrive in Konstanz and the apartment is handed over.

Soap and more

Do you know that? Finally arrived on holiday and make first fresh. But oops, suddenly you realize that there is no soap and toilet paper. Not with us, we ensure that from day one, everything is there. So that you feel comfortable with us on vacation!

Fridge empty?

Not with us, if you want. At your request, we will fill the fridge to start with the things you need. And all will not cost you much more than in the supermarket around the corner. Contact us to coordinate your purchases in advance.

Rent a bike and horse riding

If you want to be active in sports like cycling and horse riding, please let us know. We will organize everything for you.